Working in partnership

At St James' Wrap Around Club we work in close partnership with other professionals and outside agencies.

Leyland St James C of E County Primary School.

The nursery is situated in the center of the school Key Stage 1 Unit who regularly share our learning environment. Although we are situated within the school, we are managed by a separate group of Directors and run as a stand alone business. Therefore, attending St James' Nursery WILL NOT guarantee you admission into St James School. If you would like to look at the school admission criteria (Please click on this link).


As part of the settings policy to meet the needs of all our children, we take account of any special needs a child may have. Following careful observation and assessment, we at times ask for support and advise from other agencies for strategies of early intervention. This helps to ensure that your child develops to their full potential. This is only ever done with the full consent from parents / carers and we ensure that you are kept informed at all times through 'Team around the Family Meetings' (TAF). Our first step would be to request guidance from our designated SEN Inclusion Teacher, who is employed by Lancashire County Council. 

Our Lancashire County Council SEN inclusion Teacher is SARA DELL.

Children's Integrated Services.

As a setting, we have an obligation to ensure the safety and safeguarding of children. At times, we will have to have the difficult conversation with parents regarding disclosure of information or injury to a child. More often than not, there will be a simple explanation, and the information will simply be recorded on an internal incident form. However, if we feel that as a family unit you require further support we may make a referral to other appropriate agencies. Whenever possible, we will endeavor to inform you before making the referral.

 Lancashire County Council 'Early Years' consultancy teacher.

All Early Years settings have a designated Lancashire County Council 'Early Years' Consultancy Teacher. The Early Years consultant offers a range of flexible, support and advise tailored to the needs of the nursery development. The consultant is an experienced Teaching and Learning specialist and offers a breadth of skills and specialisms to enable a continued high quality development.

The team has a reputation, both within Lancashire and beyond, for high quality support, advice and training. We as a setting take pride in our ability to build good working relationships with the whole team, helping to ensure that collaboration results in swifter impact on learning.

Our designated Lancashire County Council Teaching Consultant is JOANNE HOLDEN.