We have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of children whilst in our care.

There is a main entrance to our nursery / before after school club that all visitors can enter by. This can be accessed by the school main entrance where all visitors must sign in and are carefully vetted by the school receptionist. The receptionist will escort all visitors to their destination.  

Parents / Carers

At the start of each session, the gate will be opened that leads to the nursery room. This gate will be locked promptly 10 minutes after a session has started.  At the nursery entrance, there is a password keypad that can only be opened by practitioners who know the code. A member of the management team is always available in the office and can see all arrivals and departures. Additionally, we are very careful as to who may collect a child from our care. Anyone other than the named collectors (on the registration form), must only collect children from our nursery after prior notice has been given to a member of the management team by the child’s parent/carer. On giving permission for another adult to collect a child, the parent/carer must give the full name and description of the person.

Before / After School Club

The before / after school entrance can be found by following the school entrance path to the right. The door is a secure magnetic release lock and can only be opened by using the release button on the inside of the door. As with nursery, children can only be collected by a named collector (on the registration form), unless a member of the management team has been informed prior to collection by a parent / guardian.

We have a further four key pad security doors in the school building, preventing access to areas beyond the nursery class unless accompanied by a practitioner.

New staff go through a rigorous recruitment, vetting and induction procedure before working at the setting.  All staff undergo a DBS screening amongst other statutory checks.